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  • Do you feel you should spend more time with your family?
  • Do you feel the time you do spend is lacking in real connection?
  • Do you go to bed wishing you felt better about ‘HOW’ you were with your kids during day?

In this exciting and ground-breaking book Mary Ann Johnson explodes the myth that connecting with our children and having meaningful relationships requires lots of time and special planning. She offers a handbook for being truly present with the people you care about and love most during the every day business of life.

Mary Ann clearly demonstrates what being Present looks like in an average, busy family. She offers skills and techniques that you can implement every day with each child, that require only a few minutes at a time.  The information she presents will leave you feeling hopeful and heartened that, yes, you can have the family culture of closeness and peace you want, while living in the fast paced world of the 21st century!

Extract from the forword – by Jason Hewlett

My wife and I have welcomed four amazing children to this world.  At the time the fourth arrived, we had four                                                     children under the age of five years, with no twins in the mix.  We did our best to keep our sanity while the                                                              world seemed to gawk at us and look on.

“The Hewlett’s have arrived in the vicinity; we are not selling tickets to this traveling circus. Enjoy the free show!”  

As parents, we attempted to create quality time with each child from the get-go.  It didn’t always happen, but when it did and it was Daddy’s turn, the kids were excited. Because of this, I felt obligated to make it work and sadly didn’t enjoy those moments as I should have. I often responded to emails and work needs during the entire date.  Looking back, I just shake my head. 

During one such daddy-son date, I remember looking in the rear view mirror seeing my son beaming with the widest grin. He was staring directly into the mirror watching me intently. 

“What are you smiling about, Buddy?” I asked. 

Innocently he replied, “I like it when you’re nice Daddy, not mean Daddy.” 

My smile disappeared—his did not. I probed further, attempting to not be offended by a three-year-old—though I was. “When is Daddy mean?” I asked. 

Without hesitation, he responded: “Just not right now.”

My heart was shattered. I thought I was “The Fun Dad” but apparently not.

Had I had the book Becoming A Present Parent when I went through this change process, it would have made my life so much better. The steps in this book are masterfully crafted and completely correct.  The stories are real, heartbreaking, and yet redeeming. This book will change your life if you let it. The mission of Becoming A Present Parent is to help us push past the guilt and regret we all experience and commit to making small changes in every relationship until we become 100% present in life.  It’s as simple as that!

I am not out of the woods with my temperament, but things have improved drastically.  I’m grateful I nipped my issues in the bud when I did, as I’m not sure I would still have the family I have had I continued on the same path. I encourage you to consider Becoming A Present Parent if your presence & focus are jeopardized by self-sabotage. This book is a “How-To Manual” that can help you completely alter the course of your life.  Learning to be fully present in the smallest of moments can create the greatest feelings of fulfillment this life has to offer us as parents.  I wish you the best and pray we’ll all savor each moment.

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​Maximizing Presence in Five Minutes or Less

"This book is masterful. So timely, so needed. I have enjoyed it profoundly."

Jason Hewlett,  Speaker and Dad

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