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                         ​"...one of those life changing books..."

                         I’m not much of a reader. Unless a book catches my attention within the first few pages, I seldom read it all the way through. This                            book not only drew me in from the beginning but I finally had to make myself stop reading and go to bed. “Becoming a Present                                Parent” will be one of those life changing books for parents and for anyone who wants to have an amazing relationship with their                            child. Well worth the read. Cindy Winward, Mother of four grown children and mentor at Midwives College of Utah


                          '...has the potential to radically change families..."

                        Mary Ann Johnson’s book, Becoming a Present Parent: Maximizing Presence in Five Minutes or Less has the potential to                               radically change families, and family situations, for the better. It’s that powerful. Believe me, Mary Ann arms you with a whole book-                         full of ideas, strategies, techniques, concepts, and approaches. And all of them are doable. You may read Becoming a Present                             Parent all the way through one time. But then you’ll come back to it time and again. My guess is your copy will become dog-eared and marked up, and will become like a comfortable friend. Norma Jean Lutz, Author, Speaker, Editor, Novel Critique Consultant, Ghostwriter

                          "I hope this book makes it into the hands and hearts of thousands of parents!"


                          Connection is the key to healthy relationships. Becoming a Present Parent is chock full of ideas to build connection and bind                                   hearts together. Mary Ann presents her vital information with a can-do attitude that will help nearly everyone to feel energized                                 and capable of growing stronger connections within their family. I hope this book makes it into the hands and hearts of thousands                           of parents! Tracy Ward, Mother, Scholar

                                 "This is a fantastic book..."

                                 This is a fantastic book - a real gift to parents.Rochelle Cottle, Homemaker, and Homeschooling mom

                                "... the Connected Mother Coach..."

                                 I like to call Mary Ann the Connected Mother Coach because in our busy world being home
                                 isn't always being present and she can help you reclaim that presence.

                                 Liz King Bradley, Mother, Wife, Relationship and Recovery Coach

                                               "This is such an important message."

                                               This is such an important message. We need to hear it!

                                               Sharilyn Bankole, Homemaker, and Homeschooling mom 

                                        ​"I love how Mary Ann teaches..."

                                        Mary Ann is a master at helping you become a more present parent.  Each chapter is filled with actionable insight                                                     and real-life steps in helping you stay “checked in” with your children, a difficult thing in this distracting world.  I love                                                 how Mary Ann teaches us how to truly connect with our children.                                                                                                                                 Ann Webb, teacher, lecturer, humanitarian and creator of Life Vision

                                        "Reading this book is like sunlight kissing your cheeks..."  

                                          Mary Ann is a masterful storyteller and has captured the Art of Being Present in her latest book. She gives simple, easy,                                           practical ways to create and maintain healthy familial relationships. I grew up in a “perfect” home and moved out feeling                                           completely alone and unloved. I have often reflected on why that was the case and never wanted my children to feel                                               that way when they left my home. [Mary Ann] shares simple ways we can help our children be seen, heard, loved,                                                   supported and to know they matter. When we give [kids] the gift of Presence they will leave our homes with confidence                                           and security. Reading this book is like sunlight kissing your cheeks as you wake up in the morning; you know it’s going                                             to be a good day. It will bring joy to your heart and to your relationships.                                                                                                                     Tresta Neil, homeschool mother, speaker, and mentor

                                         "I'm already seeing the blessings, and the joy..."

                                         In an increasingly fast-paced world, Mary Ann has hit the nail on the head. She knows what struggling parents are                                                    lacking; what is making us feel overwhelmed and frustrated in our most precious roles as parents. It is Presence! This                                             isn't just another how-to parenting book, though. It's an honest, thought-provoking look on how to improve all of our                                                 relationships, especially those with our children. I'm already seeing the blessings, and the joy, that come from applying                                             her counsel. Definitely worth a read for all parents! Kamie Bushman, mother of two